The Sims Freeplay – Cupcakes And Build Mode

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Cupcake is a kind of resource that is used to satisfying all the active Sim’s needs. Basically, the SP is really useful currency of the game that players can easily buy different kinds of homes and other items from the home store. It is possible to use the The Sims Freeplay Hack in order to grab the currencies like SP and simoleons in bulk. Not only this, graphics of the game are really impressive so you will experience great gameplay in the game. You are able to change the wallpaper and floors, doors and other windows of the house perfectly by using the build mode. Here are some great facts related to the Cupcakes and the build mode.

Build Mode

Players are able to choose the option of build mode in order to buy and place the furniture. Even you can also add or change the sizes of the rooms. Even you can change the wallpaper and floor. Doors and windows are possible to change and replace in the game by choosing the option of build mode. In addition to this, to delete a room, tap anywhere in the room and choose the sell button.  Many pro players are taking advantages of The Sims Freeplay Hack for attaining the desired amount of currencies. Therefore, you can collect more and more information regarding the build mode by reading the reviews online. These reviews are shared by those players who already played this game.

Town value and daily rewards 

The proportion of your town value will be delivered in the mailbox on a daily basis. There are different kinds of cool stuff and other attractive furniture that you can place in the house in the build mode. Well, if you build the house then you are will get a chance to grab lots of rewards. Not only this, but you can also come back daily in order to check out the mailbox to make sure that you get lots of benefits. The player will find that their daily bonus amount comes to Plateau or no longer increasing along with the town value.